Welcome to Cutest Cat Names!

We are here to help you choose the PURR-FECT name for your new kitty. Whether you’re about to adopt a new kitten or have inherited an older friend, we encourage you to spend time getting to know their personality so you can choose the perfect cat name!

Before you start browsing our endless lists of cat names, here are a few things for you to consider prior to naming your cute little kitten.

1.There’s no right or wrong way to name a cat.
So if you’re worried that you’re going to mess up this blessed moment, then relax! If you like the name and it doesn’t offend the neighbors when you call it out loud, then you should be good to go. We can promise you that the cat won’t know the difference except for the number of syllables the name contains.

2. Remember, you will have to say this cat’s name A LOT. Make sure you like it!
If you grow tired of saying your cat’s name, you’ll most likely wind up giving him a nickname or just altogether choosing something else after your mouth gets tired that first month of ownership. Yes, we ALL thought that Gandalf the Great was an incredible cat name…but it’s a mouthful. We recommend steering away from it but then again, it’s your cat so you call the shots! Be sure to check out our list of Harry Potter Cat Names, we’ve got the largest list on the internet!

3. Have fun with naming your cat according to their traits or personality.
If you find that your new kitten is always trying to steal your Lucky Charms, you could call her Lucky. Or if your new cat comes all put together with a pipe and scarf and enjoys watching Masterpiece Theater by the fire, you could call him something classy…like Fitzgerald! It’s always a fun conversation to have with people when they ask how you came up with your cat’s name. You don’t want to have to respond with “it was the first one I found on the internet”, do ya? We didn’t think so.

4. Start browsing Cutest Cat Names!
We’ve got a plethora of cat names just waiting for you, including trending cat names. We stay on top of what’s popular and what’s not (hint: Gertrude is a TERRIBLE name). We hope you’ll enjoy our site — and if you feel so inclined to show a little love to our sponsors with a click, we will thank you kindly!